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MNEIS Ranked Choice Voting Mission Statement

The Mission for this body is as a Sub-committee working with MNEIS Election Law and Public Relations Committees to review and inform Counties, Municipalities, and the public on the new points of potential abuse in the ballot chain created by this form of tabulation and assessment marketed as Ranked Choice Voting.

  1. This Subcommittee exposes and counters any partisan efforts to reconstruct the voting process with false promises such as; expanding voter choice and at the same time eliminating spoiler candidates all while harmonizing the political discourse in the political campaigning season.
  2. Provide resources for citizens and elected officials to debate the RCV narrative.
  3. Provide credible election officials to monitor existing RCV elections.
  4. Promote the importance of restoring the voting system to a decentralized, accountable analog voting process.
  5. We support the goal of citizens voting on Election Day, on paper ballots, and in their local communities.