MNEIS – Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

MN Election Integrity Solutions fact sheet

In February 2021, MN Election Integrity Solutions (.org) was formed by a group of citizens concerned about the propriety of the Minnesota Election System.  The organization is comprised of experienced, talented and qualified leaders and activists with broad experience in a multitude of areas important for Election Integrity. MNEIS is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The MNEIS Sub-Committees are focused on the following core areas, with over 200 volunteers statewide representing every congressional district:

  • Forensic & Data Analytics – Ready for County Election Audits
  • Election Personnel – Recruitment and Education for Election Judges & Poll Challengers
  • Election-related Legislative Action – Working with the MN Legislature 
  • Election-related Litigation & Audit Monitoring – MN and National
  • Election Procedures Review – Review of SoS Guidance Manuals vs. MN state statutes
  • Public Relations & Communications – Messaging Regarding Election Issues
  • Letter Writing Campaign – Statewide Editorials to Support Election Related Issues
  • Ranked Choice Voting – Defeat RCV that Has Been Adopted by Various MN Cities 
  • Legal Support for Ballot Boards and Election Day Operations – staffed 800# proposed

Our priorities and output include the following:

  • We have gathered a list of election officials in all 87 counties in which we set-up 1:1 meetings to understand their interpretation and execution of the SoS guidance on managing elections in their counties. 
  • We have compiled a comprehensive list of voting equipment used in each county and will gain a basic understanding of how each county manages the overall process of machine inputs, outputs and security of this equipment in elections.
  • We will be working on legislative priorities to bring forward to our legislative leaders.
  • We are developing a comprehensive, ongoing recruitment and education plan for election judges and poll challengers. 
  • We have put together a team to review the SoS office and their guidance to all polling places in relation to MN statute law. 
  • We will establish legal support team to be in place ahead of 2022.
  • We have identified all mail-in voting precincts and, where appropriate, will promote in-person voting.

MNEIS’s priority is to take a proactive approach before early voting even starts and continue forward through every stage of the voting process to the post-election audit reviews.

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