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For those of you who are interested in writing letters to editors regarding election integrity issues, we welcome your participation.    If you aren’t quite sure how to write letters to editors, what the process is, expectations of getting your letter published, etc., we will soon be posting a “Library” of letters that you can use as examples.  If you would like to contribute to our Library, please let us know.

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MNEIS Letter Writing Campaign Sub-committee

The mission is to be a proactive body to support the other MNEIS sub-committees in their work by drafting letters-to-the-editor communications to develop a consistent message in local publications across the state.

The mission:

  1. When necessary, support the other MNEIS subcommittees by creating letters-to-the-editor regarding important discoveries, information and alerts that should be shared with the public, the Legislature and other stakeholders. Time frame: ongoing
  2. Monitor, follow and report on all letters-to-the-editor that have opposing views and report to the Steering Committee for evaluation, discussion and action items to potentially counter the opposing view. Time frame: ongoing
  3. Coordinate with stakeholders regarding all letters-to-the-editor coming from the MNEIS Steering Committee. Time frame: ongoing