MNEIS – Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

MNEIS Election Law & Procedures Review (ELAP) Mission Statement

The mission will be accomplished by:

  1. Examining and comparing the published guidance manuals to MN Election Statutes for consistency in language and meaning. Time Frame: on-going.
  2. Examine and compare the Administrative Rules to guidance and to MN Election Statutes for consistency. Time Frame: on-going.
  3. Through inquiry and observation, verifying that our understanding of election procedures found in the Statutes, Rules and guidance is reflected in the procedures described by election officials in various election settings, i.e., polls, absentee ballot locations, mail receipt venues and drop boxes and post-election reviews. Time Frame: on-going.
  4. Documenting the procedures performed in each functional area together with the findings and recommendations. Time Frame: on-going.
  5. Identifying and reporting any instances of non-conformity with MN Election Statutes. Time Frame: on-going.
  6. Consulting, where appropriate with legal counsel to ensure findings are appropriate and that other information sources, such as court decisions, are compatible with findings and recommendations. Time Frame: on-going.
  7. Referring findings to the appropriate election official for remediation. Time Frame: on-going.
  8. Considering whether findings and recommendations are appropriate for election judge, challenger, observer, or legal training. Time Frame: Ongoing.
  9. Participate in a statewide voter role cleanup project to help ensure that the Minnesota Voter Roles are accurate.
  10. To monitor developments in ensuring that only legal USA citizens are voting in elections.
  11. Solicitating various election related public information from election officials, through data practices requests to document election practices, equipment and various additional election issues. Time Frame: on-going.