MNEIS – Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

MNEIS Public Relations & Newsroom Sub-committee Mission Statement

The mission is to be a proactive body to support the other MNEIS sub-committees in their work by creating and directing all public and internal communications to develop consistency and symmetry of the message with proper management to establish positive outcomes for all messaging.

The mission:

  1. When necessary, support the other MNEIS subcommittees by creating messaging, talking points and press releases regarding important discoveries, information and alerts that should be shared with the public, the Legislature and other stakeholders. Time frame: ongoing
  2. Monitor, follow and report on all opposing views, talking points and press releases to the Steering Committee for evaluation, discussion and action items to potentially counter the contrary message. Time frame: ongoing
  3. Coordinate with stakeholders regarding all messaging coming from the MNEIS Steering Committee. Time frame: ongoing  
  4. Contemplate and be proactive regarding potentially thorny MNEIS issues and recommend remedies before they become public embarrassments or disasters. Time frame: when necessary
  5. When potentially controversial MNEIS issues escape into the public space, recommend crisis management techniques to offset and mitigate, or at the very least, control the damage. Time frame: when necessary