MNEIS – Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

MNEIS Forensics Sub-committee Mission Statement

Our Forensic Analysis team leverages data analytics and statistics to identify potential problems and opportunities in the Minnesota election process. Click the button above to review some of our major discoveries and findings.

Our mission is to be a proactive body supporting the other MNEIS sub-committees in their work by being a technical resource with regards to voting technology and leveraging data analytics and statistics to identify potential problem areas in the Minnesota election process.

  1. Analyzing MN SoS data for potential problems:
    • Voters that may have voted more than once
    • Voters who are deceased and yet cast a ballot
    • Abnormal number of votes from a particular address
    • Voters registered who have no permanent address or an invalid one
    • Voters who may not be able to legally cast a vote (felons, mentally incompetent, etc.)
    • Students who may have voted at home and at school
    • Lack of voter history information or other incomplete voter information for absentee or in-person voters.

        2. Reviewing the voting technology used in various counties for:

      • Vulnerabilities
      • Known issues – as identified in other states – or simply with the technology itself (ie Windows 7 security)
      • Improper security procedures, election procedures or certification procedures (or lack thereof)
      • Consistency with State law/rules/certification criteria.
      • If we believe there is an error in the machine totals, request forensic audits be performed.

          3. Performing a county-by-county analysis to identify the most problematic counties 

    • Where increased Election Judge resources may be warranted
    • Early voting Ballot boards may need review/attention
    • Procedures are suspect.

          4. Provide evidence of potential errors in certain areas so that other sub-committees can take further action:

    • Recommendations on potential lawsuits
    • Recommendations on where to focus on Ballot Boards and Election Judges
    • Recommendations on where legislation could use updating/refining
    • Evidence worthy of a Press Release