MNEIS – Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

MNEIS Election Engagement Sub-committee Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase the number of election judges having a presence at the polling precincts, develop an acting relationship with county auditors, election managers and keep up to date on policy’s that influence local elections.

The mission will be accomplished by:
  1. Increase the number of election judges, poll challengers and ballot board election judges.
    • Have an active presence on our website and direct all election judges to sign up at their Party to be on the Secretary of State’s Election Judge lists.
    • Educate citizens to the process to be an election judge for the Primary in August, General Election in November and the ballot boards that start 46 days prior to the election.
    • To be more pro-active in key precincts to get election judges hired so party balance is achieved.
    • Develop a target list of flagged precincts for each Congressional District (with the Forensic Sub-Committee) where we will send election judges and poll challengers.
    • Document instances where election judges are not hired and investigate whether Party Balance and other statutory requirements are met (with the Litigation Sub-Committee).
    • Develop an Education Kit on how to become an election judge, which could include postcards, texts, videos, power points and digital communication that can be emailed or used on social media.
    • Conduct various orientations and education sessions for election judges and poll challengers in key areas.
    • Organize local volunteers regarding long-term work such as: update the election judge list yearly, follow-up calling and organize poll challengers.
    • Coordinate election judges and observers for Post-Election Reviews.
  2. Develop an acting relationship with county auditors and election managers.
    • Conduct a survey(s) of County Auditors/Election Officials for the purpose of good elections.
  3. Work with local citizens to convert mail-in voting only precincts to in-person precincts, where feasible.
    • Give local citizens the basic information to convert their precincts to in person voting. Via Resolution.
  4. Keep up to date and communicate with local citizens on policies that influence our local elections.
    • A. Including information County Auditor’s being appointed vs elected, etc.