MNEIS – Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

MNEIS Letter Writing Campaign Sub-committee

The mission is to be a proactive body to support the other MNEIS sub-committees in their work by drafting letters-to-the-editor communications to develop a consistent message in local publications across the state.

The mission:

  1. When necessary, support the other MNEIS subcommittees by creating letters-to-the-editor regarding important discoveries, information and alerts that should be shared with the public, the Legislature and other stakeholders. Time frame: ongoing
  2. Monitor, follow and report on all letters-to-the-editor that have opposing views and report to the Steering Committee for evaluation, discussion and action items to potentially counter the opposing view. Time frame: ongoing
  3. Coordinate with stakeholders regarding all letters-to-the-editor coming from the MNEIS Steering Committee. Time frame: ongoing