MNEIS – Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

MNEIS Audit & Litigation Monitoring Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a proactive body supporting the other MNEIS sub-committees in their work by being a first level source of information for them on election law, lawsuits and election audits in Minnesota and other states.

The mission will be accomplished by:

  1. Monitoring relevant EI legal and forensic audit activities in MN and other states and reporting the status and our analysis of those activities to decision-makers.Time Frame:  Ongoing
  2. Using the audit and legal knowledge gained to identify and assess election risk in Minnesota elections and developing effective measures to mitigate that risk. Time Frame: ongoing (Coordinating with Election Personnel sub-committee)
  3. Recruiting, organizing, and directing the activities of an election day, primary day, ballot board legal team. The team would consist of:
  • Election law-savvy lawyers and others to provide rapid response advice and action to election judges, ballot board members, poll challengers and others, asserting legal rights and claims as needed; and
  • A team of knowledgeable, roving poll challengers/election judge/ballot board supervisors on election day to monitor high risk precincts and ballot processing centers for election issues and refer those issues to the lawyers above for action and resolution.
  • A portal for gathering, or directing how to gather real-time information and evidence that may be used later to support a legal claim or election challenge. Time Frame:  Primary and General Election, ballot boards and Local & School Board elections.

      4. Reporting irregularities in Minnesota and recommending legal action for consideration by the MNEIS Board

Time Frame:  Ongoing